Brain-based learning

We teach how the brain learns. As language teaching has become more efficient, Lambert Linguistics has incorporated special methods, new technologies, as well as new research published from the Education and Linguistics departments of Harvard University and MIT, to take our students from knowing about English to using English in the most efficient way possible.

Key Components

  • Current research used by colleagues from Harvard, MIT, and other leading universities
  • Special brain based memorization and recall techniques with interactive methods.
  • Focused English production techniques for fluent speaking
  • Attentive practices to keep motivation at a high level during and after the course
  • Access to Harvard Business School case studies
  • Frequent use of current events, TED talks, and industry specific publications for in-class support and engaging dialogue
  • Traditional support structures of grammar, reading, listening, and writing to support your strong improvement.

"There has been no better time than the present to open yourself up to the world, and make connections on a global scale. And it is English that provides the best vehicle to make these connections."


Richard Lambert
CEO, Lambert
Ed.M., Harvard


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