Business English
  • International career preparation + CV editing
  • Industry specific language focus
  • Networking with other industry professionals
  • Intensive study for the goal of fluency in speech and communication supported by traditional practices and current media and technology
Test Preparation /
Mathematics in English
  • Extensive preparation for the following exams:
  • Mathematics training in English
  • Special strategies and insights for success

Lambert Linguistics Promise

Each corporate student has:

  • A welcoming orientation on their first day
  • A placement test on arrival (if not completed previous to arrival)
  • An individual assessment of language ability and needs
  • One-on-one lessons, which build fluency and allow students to activate their knowledge of English: from knowing to using English.
  • Networking events and practical lesson options
  • Harvard and MIT visits as well as to other local attractions
  • Entertainment activities with teachers in the evenings
  • Networking opportunities with local businesspeople and academics in their professional fields.
  • Certificate authentication of successful course completion

Two Schedules

  • Full Day Intensive

    40 academic hours per week

  • Half Day Semi-Intensive

    20 academic hours per week

Two Evening Options*

  • Full Evening Activities

    4 nights per week of city evening events with your teacher

  • Half Evening Activities

    2 nights per week of city evening events with your teacher

* Each evening option may be used in combination with  either the full day or half day program.

"There has been no better time than the present to open yourself up to the world, and make connections on a global scale. And it is English that provides the best vehicle to make these connections."


Richard Lambert
CEO, Lambert
Ed.M., Harvard


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