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José Garcia P., Spain, Trade advisor of the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Ankara, Turkey

My job is international and English is a must-have skill. Lambert Linguistics really improved my speaking ability and helped me to 'think' in English. Conversations with native speakers were great.                               ...

Shinichi Fukui, Japan, Head of Investment Banking Department Investment Banking Group

I found classes to be really practical and beneficial for business people like me. My teacher is always enthusiastic and interested to know what I am in charge of with business and how I am inspired by my current work. From this, he is able to tailor the content of...

Jyldyz Karatalova, Kyrgyzstan, Chairwoman, Board of Directors Bakaibank

The uniqueness of classes at Lambert Linguistics is that they create an individual program for every student, according to their level of knowledge and requirements for learning English.In addition, in a short time, Lambert Linguistics fully immerses the student in a particular environment where there is no other chance but...

Edgar Krausser, Germany, Head of Compensation & Benefits Corporate Units Siemens AG

It is really a pleasure for me to share my absolutely positive experiences regarding Lambert Linguistics. Students have the highest priority and my trainer worked with me to figure out the best learning effects. He frequently adapted his training methods to meet my needs.  All in all I can...

Angelina N., Russia, Manager, Indian Empress Yacht

Learning English with Lambert Linguistics was challenging in a good way. After my course, I passed FCE and TOEFL and went to work on a boat, traveling around the world new people. Without English, I never would have been able to get my dream job! Thank you Lambert Linguistics! ...

Audronė Ežerskienė, Lithuania

My course was a great possibility to improve skills of speaking and writing. The online communication with a native English speaker is very important: I hear native English and get used to the right pronunciation, my mistakes of the pronunciation are corrected immediately, I can ask about what is...

Tomas Nalivaika, Lithuania, Klassmann-Deilmann

I think the course was very well suited to my personal needs. It was sufficiently intense but not tiresome. My listening skills improved mostly, now I can understand much more than before the course. Also, my writing improved a lot in just a month. I learned many new, interesting...


"There has been no better time than the present to open yourself up to the world, and make connections on a global scale. And it is English that provides the best vehicle to make these connections."


Richard Lambert
CEO, Lambert
Ed.M., Harvard


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