Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance people’s willingness to change their lives by increasing self-confidence through learning English.


Our Commitment

Commitment to Research

At Lambert Linguistics, we enjoy a close relationship to the newest linguistic research from some of the world’s brightest minds. Our close connections with Harvard University and MIT mean that we take time to always read, learn, discover, and use much of the newest research on language acquisition in our classes. Our commitment to research means you are also close to the frontier of learning.

Commitment to Privacy

Because we teach privately, many of our students are high-profile individuals from the entertainment industry, corporate executives, politicians, and other business fields. They enjoy the benefits of learning privately, but they also enjoy the benefits of being comfortable to speak about topics that may be sensitive. We are committed to protecting your privacy, sensitive business information, and identity.

Commitment to Culture

Lambert Linguistics is an American-based global company. We teach English, and while we talk about English and American culture, we never dominate classes with it. We embrace all world cultures, religions, philosophies, and personal preferences, as these are what make the world a richer place. We also believe the English language is useful, but it is not ‘better’ than any other language, and our teachers welcome dialogue about linguistic aspects and cultural traditions from all people.

"There has been no better time than the present to open yourself up to the world, and make connections on a global scale. And it is English that provides the best vehicle to make these connections."


Richard Lambert
CEO, Lambert
Ed.M., Harvard


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